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What's the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

How do you know the best time to sell your San Antonio home?  It could be argued for each time of year being a good time to sell. The summertime makes sense because everyone is out enjoying the warm weather. The fall could be argued for since it’s the time of year when the weather is cooling off slightly and people are happier to be outside.

 In the winter, most people aren’t selling which could put the odds of a good offer in favor of sellers who do. The spring seems like a smart time since people are coming out of the winter season and are ready for a fresh start. So, which one is it for this area? Take a look at the time that is arguably the best time to sell your home.

The best time to sell

While all times of the year could be argued as the best time to sell, the winner is actually the month of May is the best time to sell. This has been studied by many sources, but both the Huffington Post and NerdWallet agree that May is the time to sell.

NerdWallet says that anytime from May thrugh August is best, while differing opinions come from the Washington Post, whom believes that the winter season is the right time. Why are there so many differing opinions?

You can’t really argue with the month of May being the prime time for great weather and availability of buyers to close on a home, but there are benefits to the other seasons as well.

The benefits of the summer season

While you may be tempted to avoid the summer months due to the high heat in San Antonio, it’s actually one of the best times to sell across the country. This is the time of year when families are available to shop for homes because the kids are out of school and there are fewer tasks to tackle, like holiday events, sports leagues, and spring cleaning. This is the time of year when the priorities less from the busy fall, the social winter, and the cleaning that comes with the spring.

The spring has traditionally been favored as the time to list a home on the market with the weather becoming more comfortable and the work can really show from updating everything for the sale, but it turns out that the end of spring in May, and going into summer from June – August will appeal to buyers' schedules.

The good news is that buyers are already searching online and they can view your listing before even attending a showing, which means that your buyers may already have an idea that they are serious about your home as a potential purchase.

Can you sell in the fall, winter, or early spring?

While you can always sell in different times of the year than the best option of May through the summer, you’ll have to compete with buyers’ schedules and commitments. Buyers deal with back-to-school season in August, sports in the fall, holidays in the winter, and renovations or reorganizing in the early spring.

This allows more time in the late spring and summer to enjoy being outdoors and doing things like home shopping.  You will gain the perk of cooler weather in the fall for comfortable showings, a higher chance of a bidding war in the spring, and more motivated buyers in the winter that want to purchase before the New Year.

While you can sell any time of the year in San Antonio without much trouble, the best time of year comes in the late spring. Consider if you can wait till them or if your property needs to be sold right now.

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