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The Increased Value of Homes with a View in Austin

Getting that dreamy view out your window may be the biggest selling point for you in a home. The good news is that you may feel you are on vacation every day in this home. The bad news is that homes with a view are much more expensive because of their higher value.

How much more would a home be worth if it comes with a beautiful view of Downtown Austin or Texas Hill Country? Take a closer look at what affects the value when it comes to beautiful views in homes you may be considering purchasing.

The truth about a home’s value with a view

Believe it or not, a home could be worth as much as 25% more if it comes with a great view. That means that those selling their home with a view can look forward to a higher selling price compared to those without one.

When you go to purchase your next home, you may find it frustrating to spend much more on a home with comparable listings at a much lower rate, but you are paying for a view that someday you will be able to sell at a higher value too. Having a picturesque panoramic view in Austin will put your home at a higher value while a rare or unique view could get you as high as a 25% premium. Those with views that lack clutter or obstructions will see a higher value too.

What gains the most value?

If you are lucky enough to be selling a waterfront property with water views, you’ll be able to score the highest return. These are the most desirable views in Austin’s Hill Country, especially if you’re scored one of the rare ones in the metro area.

Will a smaller-scale beautiful view do anything for a home’s value?

You don’t have to a stellar view to have a higher value on your home though. There are some views that are worth more than others. For example, if you have a beautiful view of a park from a ground level home with no obstructions, you’ll still add some value to the home. Homes with a partially unobstructed roof top view would also do well, but you’ll value even higher with an unobstructed view from a lower level.

Of course hilltop homes with panoramic views of the city or countryside are winners, unless you can top that with a view of a large lake, river, or ocean.  This shows that different homes, whether a country cottage or a city condominium, can offer different levels of view values based on what the view is of, how obstructed it is, and at what level of the property the view comes from.

Why are views so desirable?

Aside from getting to feel like your home is a vacation destination where you can enjoy a cup of coffee overlooking the Hill Country or a dinner overlooking city lights, views are desirable for adding a bit more privacy.

People value their privacy and having the option to live in peace and quiet, which is easier when you are looking at picturesque views rather than your neighbor’s house. In addition, having a great view often comes with status, especially if you are going up to a top floor in a condominium with others noticing on a daily basis.

If you’re shopping for your next Austin property, you’ll likely be influenced by a higher price on homes with excellent views. If this is important to you, pay the premium and enjoy the view! 

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