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Top Neighborhoods Found in the 78726 Zip Code

When you’ve decided you want to live in the 78726 zip code of Austin, you are choosing a very popular part of town. This is the Northwest part of Austin where you’ll find a small amount of neighborhoods but ones that people are really drawn to.

The most popular location in the 78726 zip code would be Canyon Creek, known for its large homes and luxury amenities. If you’re curious about the options of neighborhoods in this part of Austin, you’ll definitely want to check out these top neighborhoods in the area.

Preserve at Four Points

A great place to start your search is in the neighborhood of Preserve at Four Points. This neighborhood is brand new with homes only as old as 2014. There...

Three Foods You Must Try if You're New to Austin, TX

When you’re new to Austin, you are probably expecting a new climate, a new neighborhood, and new routines. You’ll be getting acquainted to a new city or maybe just a new part of town. It makes you appreciate the change but it can also be overwhelming with so many new things at once. You may be getting used to the hotter temps, the fun music scene, and the outdoor events, but what about the food?

You already knew Texas was known for their barbeque and Tex Mex but where do you even begin on your new Austin restaurant stops? There are a few foods that will get you acquainted to the area in no time and will give you a good place to start trying new eateries. When you get to Austin and want to try some of the Austin classic staples,...

Neighborhood Spotlight: Barrington Oaks

A well-established neighborhood found in the Northwestern section of Austin, Barrington Oaks provides excellent value for residents. It's well-known for affordable homes, top rated schools and a charming atmosphere. Residents enjoy the beauty of mature trees and plenty of excellent views throughout.


The neighborhood is found in the 78759 zip code. It's located in the northwestern section of Austin, found just to the south of Spicewood Springs Road and just to the west of Research Boulevard. The neighborhood is bordered by Oak Forest and ...

5 Selling Tips if You're Not Quite Ready to Sell

Selling your home is a big process and one that requires a great deal of time to plan and execute. The good news is that for those that have plenty of notice that they are going to be selling in the near future, it’s even easier to get your house in selling shape than most people experience.

You already know that you are going to be selling your house sometime soon and you know that most people aren’t going to buy your house without those repairs handled that you have been putting off or with that dining room that you decided to paint in your favorite bold, dark hue.

When you’re not quite ready to sell but you know it’s happening soon, you can get to work now on getting your home in selling...

What Should You Know When Buying an Austin Infill Home?

With the city of Austin, Texas growing so fast it can barely keep up; there are a ton of infill homes found throughout the area. An infill home is one that has been built on a vacant parcel of land found between other, existing homes. While large vacant parcels are not common in Austin, infill homes are becoming more common.

While finding a vacant lot is one way an infill home can be created, it's not the only way it happens. Often, developers will buy old homes or other buildings, tear them down and rebuild from scratch. This process is also known as infilling and it's basically using the land for the best possible use.

If you're considering ...

Top Neighborhoods Found in the 78745 Zip Code

When it comes to the 78745 zip code, you’ll find some great homes in South Austin. It’s an affordable area that allows you the perfect proximity to Downtown Austin too. It’s one of the most affordable options you’ll find in South Austin and you’ll love the unique housing here, most of which was built in the 70s and 80s rather than your more modern cookie-cutter homes.

The good news too is that these older homes were updated with modern features so you won’t have to sacrifice your stainless steel countertops or hardwood floors. You’ll love the older homes, mature landscaping, and wider streets in the neighborhoods of 78745 that you won’t find just anywhere, especially in areas focused...

Is it Possible to Purchase a Home with Student Loan Debt?

When former students go to buy a home with massive loan debt, it can be really stressful. You have the degree and you’re settled in a career, but now you have student loans to pay off for a time in your life that has been over with for a while. College was great and your degree is so important at this time in your life, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the burden of student loans and more debt going into the home search.

While you can still get a mortgage with student loans, there are some details you’ll want to understand about the purchase process with this debt on your record. This is especially the case for millennials who haven’t been graduates for long and are preparing to make their...

Top 5 Resources for San Antonio Home Buyers

When it comes to buying a home, it’s important to utilize all of the resources at your disposal. Whether it’s your reliable real estate agent or the internet tools, there are many great options to help you get the job done.

You don’t have to worry about a lack of information or feeling like you didn’t have all of the data at your service; now there is more help than ever. When you start looking for your next home in San Antonio, check with these top five resources first in order to make an educated decision on your home purchase.

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