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What to Know About Buying a Home with Foundation Issues

When you move to Central Texas, it’s not uncommon to come across homes that in your search for your next home that has foundation issues. Since the clay soil here can contract or expand throughout the year depending on the current moisture levels, it places stress on the foundation that will make it settle.

If you find some cosmetic cracks that don’t affect the home’s solid structure, then this isn’t something to worry about but beware of major cracking in door jams or windows. Take a look at this guide to decide if buying a home with foundation issues is smart and how to determine if it’s just minor cosmetic cracking.

Hire a foundation contractor

The first place to start...

Top Questions Condo Buyers Need to Ask

Are you considering condo living in Austin? Owing a condo is a wonderful way to become a homeowner without the added responsibilities that come with a single family home. It does mean that the buying process may be a little more complicated, but knowing what to ask about in advance will make the process much simpler.

You’ll need to find out about things involving the mandatory Homeowner’s Association that comes with condo ownership. While buying a home doesn’t always happen in a neighborhood with an HOA, condominiums have one that takes care of things like building maintenance and water services. Take a look at what you should ask...

What to Know When Waiting to Close

When you’re buying a home this year in San Antonio, it’s important to be aware of a few things that can happen during the period between having your offer accepted and waiting to close. For starters, the mortgage process will still be going on and your mortgage rate could actually expire.

Also, even though you feel the house is yours now, it really isn’t until closing day. During that waiting process when your offer has been accepted by the sellers but the closing day hasn’t arrived, these are a few of the things to be aware of during when you’re waiting to close.

The closing day is very streamlined

While you may be anticipating a stressful closing day full of questions and things to remember to do, it’s...

Rising Interest Rates Could Affect Your Purchasing Power in Central Texas

The 30-year fixed rate on a mortgage has risen about a half percent in the last six to eight months. But, how could these rising interest rates affect you as a property owner or property buyer looking to in Central Texas?

As the potential buyer, if you have stagnant prices and rising interest rates, the $300,000 home you are considering now has a mortgage payment of $80 to $90 more per month to pay. As the seller, meanwhile, it limits the number of buyers that potentially can afford your home because of the increased monthly payment.

Taking appreciation rates into account, they have varied over the last eight years. They were sometimes as high as 10% to 15% year over year. And, they have been at 0% to 5% year over year depending on where you are talking...

Guide to Relocating to Austin, Texas

Before your upcoming move to Austin, you should get a feel for what the city is going to offer and what daily life is going to look like here. You’ve chosen an amazing location to relocate to and you’ll love how it offers a little bit of everything, from its beautiful outdoor oasis to its endless entertainment.

Moving to any new city can be overwhelming, but preparing ahead of time will make it feel like a seamless transition. Take a look at what you can expect for your relocation to Austin and how to prepare yourself ahead of time.

What to expect in Austin

Life in Austin will come with hot weather, a lot...

How to Keep Your Home Secure During the Sales Process

When you enter into the sales process for your home, it will certainly keep you busy. You'll go through so many things from fixing it up (if necessary) to staging, to pricing to listing to scheduling tours. Several details could easily become overlooked.

The last thing you need is a security risk because you were distracted by something else. Home security is vital, even throughout the sales process. You'll be inviting plenty of strangers into your home and you need to be protected. Here are a few ways you can keep your home and family safe while selling your home.

Remove all your Valuables

Valuables out in the open or even behind closed doors are just inviting trouble during the sales process. Any jewelry, collectibles, expensive artwork or other valuables...

Where to go in Austin for Free Summer Concerts

Austin, Texas is known as the capital of the world for live music and that's not by mistake. The city heats up in the summer and as the days get longer; it's time to check out the many free concerts held throughout the summer. Here's a look at some of the top summer concerts in the city.

Concerts in the Park

If you want to enjoy performances from the Austin Symphony Orchestra, this is the free concert series for you. There will be several performances ranging from light classical to pop to jazz with several film scores and so much more. Enjoy the music as you take in the views of Lady Bird Lake and the skyline. This is a great choice if you want to hear live music and enjoy a picnic with family and friends.

The Concerts in the Park will...

Top Austin Summer Camps for 2018

The school year is coming to a close and you need to get your children signed up for summer camp. Austin, Texas is home to a number of summer camps for 2018. Here's a look at some of the top choices.

For the Younger Children (age 3 to 10)

If you have younger children, you can send them to summer camps in Austin to enjoy plenty of fun this year. There are several options for ages starting as low as three. Some of the top choices include:

  • Jump! Gymnastics (age 3 to 12) - A day camp filled with fun and games, Jump! offers gymnastics, arts and crafts and so much more. Each week features a new theme, such as under the sea, superheroes and the Olympics.
  • ...

Amazon's Second Headquarters Rejected by San Antonio

Amazon started on a search for the second destination for a second headquarters and many would expect cities to line up for the opportunity. The first headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington. While many cities did throw their hat in the ring trying to lure Amazon, San Antonio wasn't so keen on the idea. Instead, San Antonio rejected the idea of becoming the home of Amazon's HQ2.

Texas May be the State, but San Antonio isn't the City

The senators of Texas, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, believe they can lure the giant retailer to Texas. They told the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos that, “Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes our economy, our skilled workforce, and our quality of life.”

When the state put in a bid for the second headquarters, it had plenty to offer with three of the five fastest growing cities...

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