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Which South Austin Neighborhoods are the Top Choice for Schools?

South Austin is the area to live this year because of the excellent location, the great homes, and the affordability. In addition, people are flocking to neighborhoods here because of the excellent school options.

Most people think larger districts like Austin ISD are the only way to go because it covers a large area compared to smaller ones like Lake Travis ISD, Eanes ISD, and Dripping Springs ISD, but areas like South Austin are not getting the attention the credit they deserve. Take a look at the highly rated schools you’ll find living in the desirable area of...

What's Reasonable During a Real Estate Negotiation

It’s wise to be aware of how real estate negotiations are supposed to take place so that you can know what to expect. In addition, you need to understand what is reasonable during a real estate negotiation in order to be aware of what’s inappropriate or unusual.

A real estate negotiation is in general a discussion to solve an issue between two sides, where both sides will get the opportunity to discuss their goals and use any leverage to obtain their goals. These can work as win-win or in some cases, win-lose, but if you focus on what is reasonable, take the time to understand the desires of the other side, and clearly...

Top Underrated Austin Neighborhoods

When you’re choosing a new neighborhood, do you tend to look at the most popular options and cross your fingers that you’ll get in? Do you hope and pray that you’ll find the perfect home there and your offer will be accepted over everyone else’s?

Instead, why don’t you look at some underrated neighborhoods where people aren’t flocking but they are actually the best hidden gems in town?

Instead of trying to compete with everyone else for the typical neighborhoods where homes are limited, expensive, and unlikely that you’ll win the bidding war, why not look at some of the best underrated Austin neighborhoods where you can live in a ...

Which Austin Real Estate Markets will be the Hottest for 2016?

With the New Year arriving, it’s time to look at the best real estate markets to expect in Austin in 2016. Since it’s one of the country’s hottest real estate markets right now, it’s a great time to reflect on what is changing from 2015 to 2016 and the results of the rapid growth that has occurred over the last 5-10 years.

Growth is a great thing and the city is really seeing some majorly popular areas become even harder to get into while less popular areas of the city are getting discovered for the hidden gems they truly are. In addition, it seems like every year a new “it” neighborhood pops up that is all...

Why is Austin Still America's Next Boom Town?

Have you wondered why America is calling Austin the next “boom town?” What does this mean exactly?  Austin is in the news as the country’s new “it” town because it’s become one of the most booming towns to live and invest while showing no signs of slowing down.

Forbes is calling Austin America’s newest “boom town” and locals were hoping the rest of the country wouldn’t figure out how great it is to live here. What makes ...

What to Expect from San Antonio Neighborhoods

When you’re preparing to move into a San Antonio neighborhood, you may have some curiosity about what life may be like here. Do people keep to themselves or do you find people outdoors often? Is it a great place to raise a family or is it going to be more focused on young professionals and the elderly? Will there be places to spend time at night or do people stay in for movie night more often?

Some people prefer peace and quiet while others want interaction and social opportunities. Whatever the case, you may be wondering what to expect when you live in a San Antonio neighborhood. Take a look at this closer look about San Antonio neighborhoods so that...

What do You need to Know about the 2016 Homestead Exemption?

It’s that time of year when new homeowners are filing their homestead exemption for their 2015 home purchases. When you buy a home in Texas, you have until around April 30th to file for a residential homestead exemption, which are the exemptions a homeowner requests from property taxes. This means that your taxes will be lower due to the exemptions removing part of your home’s value from taxation.

Rather than paying taxes on a home appraised at $35k, your exemption may allow you to qualify for paying taxes on your home valued as low as $20k. The Homestead Exemption is going to be important for new homeowners in 2016 and you can see below...

Which Austin Neighborhoods are Best for $300K Homes?

Are in the market for a $300k home in a great Austin neighborhood? The city is proud of the amazing neighborhoods that many call home and with a budget of $300k, you’ll be able to choose from some of the most popular.

You can live in one of the best master planned communities in town, Avery Ranch, or choose one that will give you a sense of living in the great outdoors while still being close to Downtown...

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