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How Much do Sellers and Buyers Pay for Closing Costs

Have you ever wondered just how much closing costs really add up to? Is it the same for the buyer as it is for the seller? This is one of those expenses your friends or your realtor warned you about, but they can’t give you an actual amount without knowing what the details of what you are buying.

What you can count on is the fact that buyers tend to spend more on those line-item expenses while a seller is going to have to cover the commission. Let’s break it down further to discuss what each party can expect to pay at closing.

What the buyer can expect

If you are the buyer in an upcoming transfer of property, you can expect to pay for many of the line-item expenses associated with the close....

Best Places for Indoor Fun in Austin

Do you find yourself dreading a rainy day in Austin? Where will you take the kids when the pool is closed and it’s too rainy for one our beautiful swimming holes? Summer is over and your favorite park concerts are done of the season while the rain is preventing you from enjoying a beautiful walk in nature, a day at the playground, or a picnic by the lake.

The good news is that Austin has provided you with many excellent options for indoor fun that can turn a rainy day into one of the most memorable. Not only is this perfect for a rainy day this fall in Austin, but it’s perfect during the gloomy winter months, when it’s too hot in the summer, or when you need a break from being outside...

Features Making San Antonio Homes Luxurious

Are you in the market for a luxury home for your San Antonio purchase? You may be wondering what makes a home luxurious compared to a traditional home that is just beautiful. There are certain features that make a home classified as luxury and they are features you wouldn’t see in a traditional home. If you’re in the market for luxury living in San Antonio, look for these types of features that will give you just that.

Bring the spa to you

One way to tell a house really has that luxury feel is that there are amenities inside that make you feel like you’ve just entered the spa. This is especially present when it comes to the master bathroom, where you’ll find a place to rest...

Best Places for Paddle Board Rentals in Austin, TX

One of the best things to do outdoors in Austin is to take advantage of the water with a day of paddle boarding.  This activity is the latest take on kayaking, canoeing, or surfing. Paddle boarding gives you the opportunity to strengthen the muscles of your whole body, enjoy your surroundings at a slower pace, and get the chance to stand up on your watercraft rather than to sit or float along.

You’ll paddle with your arms on this device, and you’ll have the option to kneel or lay on the board when you need a break from standing. Take a look at the best places to rent one of these and you’ll be able to hit the water in Austin in a whole new way.

Congress Avenue Kayaks – 74 Trinity Street, Austin

The first stop should...

Best Places to Explore the Outdoors in Austin, TX

Are you looking for some fun ways to get outside now that fall is here and the weather is becoming more bearable? Austin gets the opportunity to enjoy so many outdoor activities all in one town, whether it’s a dip in a swimming hole, hitting the water by watercraft, hiking a beautiful trail, or getting in touch with nature through a wilderness preserve.

Austin makes you want to get outside and explore with all of the beautiful places to go and almost any time of year is perfect to do so. Whether you’re ready to your body moving or you want to find a place to sit and relax with nature, here is a look at the best places you can explore the outdoors in your...

Should You Buy a Starter Home?

Most people end up with a starter home, whether it’s a single professional wanting their first home or a newlywed couple that are looking for something affordable to start their family in after the wedding. For some, it’s a rite of passage to get a starter home they can start a life together in before upgrading down the road.

This was a tendency among Baby Boomers that were starting to crave a home of their own after leaving mom and dad’s. Now that it has evolved into something everyone wants, you may be wondering where to look for yours or if it’s still a smart financial purchase. Take a closer look below to see if you should buy a starter home.

Why it makes sense

The first things to consider if you are...

Upcoming Event: Austin City Limits Music Festival 2017

It’s just a week away and the biggest festival of the year will finally kick off. Get ready Austin for the 2017 Austin City Limits Music Festival sponsored by the Austin Parks Foundation. It’s going to start this October 6th and it runs until the 15th over at your favorite Zilker Park.

If you’ve never been to this beloved music festival held every fall in Austin, you’re in for an amazing experience. From incredible acts every night of the festival to extras like delicious grub, kiddie areas,...

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