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Top Baby Boomer Housing Trends

Have you ever been curious if the various generations have similar patterns when it comes to their home buying tendencies? It’s definitely true that generation X has gotten serious about home buying while the millennial generation is putting things off a bit. How does the baby boomer generation compare?

For one thing, they are more eager to pay off their mortgage knowing that retirement is around the corner, and they want to live close to their loved ones, especially as grandchildren enter the picture and become a part of their regular plans. Take a look at some of the top baby boomer housing trends that have been noticed as tendencies throughout all buyers in this generation.

Convenience is important

Don’t think that the baby boomer generation will give...

Neighborhood Spotlight: Estates of Brentwood

The Estates of Brentwood is one of Austin’s great neighborhood options for those seeking a quaint community in the Northwest portion of the city. It’s been around since the late 90’s, featuring some of the largest homes built during that time, and the neighborhood was designed to offer large lots for homes to be built on.

It’s popular for offering some of the most spacious lot sizes for previously built homes and new construction homes, at around ¼-1/3 acres, making it a prime location for luxury home owners. You’ll notice luxury living spaces, seen in both the interior and exterior space, and plenty of space between homes.

If you love the idea of space, options, ...

Moving Expenses Worth Paying For

Moving is one of those times where every dollar counts and it’s really important to find areas where costs can be reduced. When you’re planning your San Antonio or Austin move, that’s the attitude you’re likely to have when it comes to hiring a moving team, buying new furniture, and finding packing supplies to use for your belongings.

Surprisingly areas like packing supplies and a moving team are two of the areas that most important when it comes to your big...

Which Neighborhoods in Austin are Best for Investors?

When it comes to Austin living, a few neighborhoods stick out when people dream of their ideal neighborhood. For investors, these neighborhoods may differ because the mindset becomes about what neighborhoods offer the best ROI. While a family may be eager to move into a downtown condo or a multi-family property in a certain part of town, investors should be focusing their energy on single family homes in the greater Austin area.

Right now, single family homes have the best return on investment since they are built to last, have a lower cost to maintain, and other options like multi-family properties or duplexes aren’t worth the price or aren’t offering enough return. Take a look at which...

Easy Ways to Reduce Energy Costs

If you’re considering cost-saving ideas in your home, one way to really cut back on your expenses is by reducing your energy costs. Energy expenses are such a money-sucking area of maintaining a home and it’s really unnecessary when there are so many solutions out there for homeowners.

Not only will it benefit you now, but when you go to sell the home, the reduction in energy costs will increase your home’s value as high as $18,000. Take a look at the easiest ways to make some changes in your home that will reduce your energy costs.

Air leaks

One of the easiest ways to waste money on your energy bills is to neglect air leaks on doors and windows. When there is the slightest crack allowing that chill of winter in your home or the heat of summer in when you...

Top Tips for the Savvy Home Buyer

If you have felt like the type of person who is savvy with things or you’d like to be, it’s a good idea to become savvier in the department of home buying. Making the task efficient, simpler, and easier is good news for a family making a big move to Austin. Taking out some of the complexity of home buying will make your Austin move less stressful and more straight-forward.

You’re going to be dealing with new territory, an emotional journey, and advice coming from every which way. Learning the ropes from insiders can make this process feel more familiar. From remember to be proactive to learning your needs vs. your wants, here are a few tips from the...

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