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Republic Square Park is Getting a Makeover

Have you heard about the changes coming to Republic Square Park? You may have seen the construction going on throughout 2016 but this project won’t be finished until this summer. The public square located downtown is known for being an event hub for things like outdoor movies and farmer’s markets over on Guadalupe Street, but things are in the process of changing for the better.

What’s been in the works since 2012, Republic Square Park will be seeing a makeover and total redevelopment for something bigger and better. Read on to see what you can expect for this popular area of Downtown Austin...

What to Know about Buying New Construction Homes

You may have new construction homes on the radar during your upcoming home search in Austin. While this may be the perfect option for some, for others, it may not be the right path. While it may seem dreamy to be the first family to live in a home, you need to consider the benefits of choosing an older home that may sit in a developed neighborhood with history and charm.

You’ll need to be aware of the resale potential to make sure it’s worth your investment and if it’s a brand new neighborhood, your realtor may struggle to assure you if your family would be a good fit for it. If you are going to go the path of new construction, be sure...

Master Planned Communities Found in Southeast Austin

If you’re headed to Southeast Austin for your upcoming relocation, you will get to choose from some excellent neighborhoods in this part of town. The master planned communities found here will make you feel like you’re in one of the best parts of Austin, getting both a wonderful neighborhood to live in while getting easy access to the fun of Downtown Austin.

Being one of the only areas left near Downtown that hasn’t completed development, you’ll have the opportunities to build something just for you or put an offer on a home that is already just what you were looking...

2016 Technology Has Changed the Home Search

You may have noticed a shift in the home search arena as you’ve been looking at listings last year. Technology in 2016 made a huge difference in the way home searches take place that has continued onto to 2017.

This means that technology will likely continue to evolve how home searches take place. For now, you can count on handling your search online in the comfort of your home, using video chat during a home tour to show a friend at the same time, discovering new “smart” features in modern homes, and getting access to open houses through lock boxes activated from a ...

Moving Tips for Downsizing Your Home

It may sound like a daunting task to prepare for your upcoming move, but if you choose to downsize first, the process may feel much less overwhelming. When it comes time to move, you’ll have less stuff to deal with and everything will already be organized for a more minimalistic home.

Rather feeling like you are going into a move with too much clutter and disorganization, start downsizing each room in your house by reducing your possessions, selling or donating what you don’t need, and figuring out what’s left for your upcoming...

How to Entertain Well in a Small House

Sometimes living small can be tough when you want to enjoy the pleasure of company in your home. Hosting a dinner party or a casual football night can get tricky when you don’t have the space to entertain.

You like your small house otherwise because it suits your needs on a weekly basis, but on that occasional weekend gathering, things can get crowded. Whether you have a holiday party to plan, a family reunion, or a Saturday night dinner, take a look at a few tips for entertaining in your small San Antonio home.

Use table space wisely

One tip is to make sure you are using your table space wisely. This means that instead of relying...

Top Words You Don't Want in Your Home's Description

Are you getting ready to sell your home in Austin? You may want to rethink that home description you’ve been working on. There are a few common keywords that people tend to use in their listing that is a big no-no for reaching serious buyers.

You probably thought that emphasizing your “great location” was a must-have phrase or that you should mention the “extensive” repairs and renovations you’ve handled in the house recently, but these are a few of the top words that will turn off buyers.

Believe it or not, there are seemingly harmless words and phrases like this that sellers often mention in their home description...

Which Austin Dog Parks are the Best?

Dog parks in Austin are a favorite place to go for locals and that’s because Austin has several great ones spread out around town. In fact, the city received a top ranking when it comes to being a wildlife-friendly city in the US, proving that this is a dog-lovers haven. When you’re tired of your typical walking path around the neighborhood or want a place to really socialize your furry best friend, check out these popular Austin dog parks for the best experiences.

Barton Creek Greenbelt - 3755 S Capital of Texas Hwy B, Austin

You already love hanging out at Barton Creek, so why...

Redo Your Bathroom Without Remodeling  

If your bathroom could use some revamping but you don’t want to have to completely remodel, there are still ways to get a dramatic effect in less expensive ways. For some people, the renovation process is too much to handle when it comes to their schedule, energy, and wallet, but revamping the space with other updates can give you the same feelings of a remodel.

This is one area of the house that can feel a huge difference from a makeover, which is perfect for getting it ready to sell this year. Take a look at some tips and tricks for redoing your bathroom without actually having to remodel it.

Think about the style

For many, turning the bathroom into a peaceful and relaxing oasis is the way to go. You...

Top 7 Historic Neighborhoods Found in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas is full of history and many neighborhoods throughout the city provide great historic homes. If you want to enjoy living in an older home with plenty of character, you need to know where to go in Austin. Here are seven of the top historic neighborhoods found in Austin.

Downtown Austin

In Downtown, you will find a variety of housing options. The West Line Historic District is one of the best spots for homes from the 1910's and 1930's. Many of these homes fit the Classical Revival and Craftsman styles and some have even been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Another area of Downtown Austin featuring...

10 Things You Must Know Before Moving to Austin in 2017

Austin, Texas has been a popular place to relocate to for many years. However, before you start making plans to move to the great city of Austin, there are a few things you should know first.

Most will take a couple trips to the city first, maybe interview for jobs and even check out places to live. Here are ten of the top things you should know before you move to Austin in 2017.

It's Going to be Hot

While Austin isn't as uncomfortably hot as you might think, it does get hot in the summer. However, the temperatures you will find are not always the best indicator of how hot it really is outside. The heat in Austin is different than other places in the country, such as Florida. Many...

Major Soccer Event Coming to San Antonio

A major international soccer event will be coming to the Alamodome next summer. This event was one that could have gone to a number of cities, but San Antonio was one of 13 chosen. The city will play host to the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Football Gold Cup. The event will be held in July 2017 and San Antonio was one of four new cities added to the line-up.

San Antonio has never hosted this event before and hopes to score the event every single time it's held. The event takes place every other year and it's held to name a national team champion for the region of North and Central America and the Caribbean.

Mayor Taylor is Excited


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