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Top Apps Homeowners Must Have

As a homeowner, there are specific apps that can help make your life easier. After you've purchased a new home, you already know there's a ton of paperwork you have to keep track of. From warranties to the mortgage documents, it's a large stack.

Not only will you have plenty of paperwork, but you will also have new tasks to deal with. As a renter, you may not have had to deal with mowing the lawn or taking care of home improvements. That all changes as a homeowner. Here are some of the apps every homeowner should have.


Acting as your personal moving concierge, Moved allows you to manage...

2016 Technology Has Changed the Home Search

You may have noticed a shift in the home search arena as you’ve been looking at listings last year. Technology in 2016 made a huge difference in the way home searches take place that has continued onto to 2017.

This means that technology will likely continue to evolve how home searches take place. For now, you can count on handling your search online in the comfort of your home, using video chat during a home tour to show a friend at the same time, discovering new “smart” features in modern homes, and getting access to open houses through lock boxes activated from a ...

Austin, Texas named as the Top Tech City in the World!

Recently, Austin took over the top spot on the list of the Top Tech Cities in the World. The list was compiled by a London-based consulting firm called Savills. The recent study finally put Austin ahead of San Francisco on the list, which is known as one of the most established tech cities in the world.

A dozen cities were surveys and Austin outperformed every single one of them. The key matrices used included business environment, property prices, quality of live and more.

Why did Austin Gain the Top Spot?

Austin overtook San Francisco because of the many aspiring students and young professionals found throughout the city. With so many experienced tech industry...

Austin Tech Industry: Poised To Be The Next Silicon Valley?

Many locals in Austin have said it was going to become the next Silicon Valley, but they don't always hold that much clout. However, when Forbes echoes the same thing, it may just be true.

When the Silicon Valley exploded it was due to the technology sector coming to the area and causing amazing growth. It also had to do with a few other characteristics of the area. The tech industry here is in the same place and ready to explode, as well. Here's why Austin may be the next Silicon Valley.

Investors And Buyers Don't Fit As Well In Silicon Valley Anymore

Silicon Valley isn't as affordable as Austin. This causes many investors and home buyers to move away and into a new city. The...

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