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Interest Rates and Thanksgiving Turkey

Let’s break it down and keep it very simple: We keep hearing about how interest rates are going to change, and just to give you a little perspective:

  • In July 2016, interest rates were at an all-time low of 3.41%.
  • In November of 2018, rates are at 4.83%.
  • Experts predict that rates will rise to about 5.02% by June 2019, and 5.8% by November 2019.

That’s almost a full 1% increase from this year to next year. But what does that all really mean?

For every full 1% that interest rates rise, your purchasing power—your ability to keep your monthly payment at about the same range—decreases by about 10%.

That means if this year, you were trying to buy a $295,000...

Amazon's Second Headquarters Rejected by San Antonio

Amazon started on a search for the second destination for a second headquarters and many would expect cities to line up for the opportunity. The first headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington. While many cities did throw their hat in the ring trying to lure Amazon, San Antonio wasn't so keen on the idea. Instead, San Antonio rejected the idea of becoming the home of Amazon's HQ2.

Texas May be the State, but San Antonio isn't the City

The senators of Texas, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, believe they can lure the giant retailer to Texas. They told the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos that, “Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes our economy, our skilled workforce, and our quality of life.”

When the state put in a bid for the second headquarters, it had plenty to offer with three...

Where are the Best San Antonio Homes Found Under $200K?

It's not easy to find a home for less than $200K in a big city, at least not a home needing quite a bit of work. The city is the seventh largest in the entire country and offers plenty of great things to do, places to go and restaurants for dining. It's filled with unique businesses and plenty of history for residents to enjoy.

The one quality San Antonio offers most other big cities cannot offer is the affordability. It's known for the low cost of living and attracts many middle-income families due to the lower home prices compared to other larger cities. When looking at the average cost of living across the ten largest cities, San Antonio is one of the most affordable in the entire country.

Even knowing...

Top Reasons to Consider Moving to Boerne, Texas

Found in the middle of Texas Hill Country, Boerne is a fast-growing, small-town with plenty of appeal. It's the perfect spot for the right home buyer looking to be close to great restaurants and breweries. Boerne, Texas is known for the great downtown shopping and The Hill County Mile, which is filled with dining options and more.

If you're looking to move to the San Antonio area, Boerne should be high on your list. Here are a few of the top reasons to consider Boerne as your next home.

Nearby Country Living

With San Antonio just 40 minutes away, Boerne is the perfect country living choice just outside the city. While it's a true small town,...

Features Making San Antonio Homes Luxurious

Are you in the market for a luxury home for your San Antonio purchase? You may be wondering what makes a home luxurious compared to a traditional home that is just beautiful. There are certain features that make a home classified as luxury and they are features you wouldn’t see in a traditional home. If you’re in the market for luxury living in San Antonio, look for these types of features that will give you just that.

Bring the spa to you

One way to tell a house really has that luxury feel is that there are amenities inside that make you feel like you’ve just entered the spa. This is especially present when it comes to the master bathroom, where you’ll find a place to...

Top San Antonio Developments You Need to Know About

San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire United States. It's estimated to attract an addition one million residents by 2040.

This type of growth has caused many developments to start to pop up and go into the planning stages. The city has executed a long-term plan for the growth and about 30 new developments have been added to the plans. Here's a look at some of the new developments in San Antonio.

Sprucing Up the Alamodome

The Alamodome is one of the most important venues in the city. It's currently receiving a $50 million upgrade to help meet the demands of the growing city. Some of the upgrades include:

  • Ribbon...

Lone Star Brewing District Coming Soon    

The neglected Lone Star Brewery found in San Antonio will become something new very soon. It's found between Steves Avenue and Lone Star Boulevard in the southern section of the city. The brewery hasn't been operational since 1996.

In September of 2016, the plans for a revitalization project for this section of the city were announced. It's being headed by Aqualand Development, along with CBL & Associated Properties. These two developers look to turn the relics of the brewery into a mixed-used development with condominiums, shopping, restaurants, entertainment and more.

The expectation...

Transformation of the South Side in San Antonio 

The South Side area of San Antonio has been known for industry and blue-collar workers in the past. It's always been known as one of the few areas of San Antonio with cheap real estate. Living on the fringes of the city used to be for those looking for something they could afford to buy.

However, living this far out comes with many downsides, such as grocery stores not super convenient, lack of good school districts and two of the three sewage treatment plans in the city found nearby. The clean, rural air doesn't exactly have the same clean odor with these treatment facilities.

All of this is changing on the South Side of San Antonio. The...

Top 5 Resources for San Antonio Home Buyers

When it comes to buying a home, it’s important to utilize all of the resources at your disposal. Whether it’s your reliable real estate agent or the internet tools, there are many great options to help you get the job done.

You don’t have to worry about a lack of information or feeling like you didn’t have all of the data at your service; now there is more help than ever. When you start looking for your next home in San Antonio, check with these top five resources first in order to make an educated decision on your home purchase.

A great realtor


5 Necessary Things to Do When Relocating to San Antonio

When it’s time to relocate to a new city, there is a large checklist that you should be checking off to keep yourself on track. Coming up with all of the checklist items can be overwhelming, from packing the house to hiring movers, choosing the right new neighborhood and hiring a great realtor to help you through the process.

There is much to consider in a relocation and you’re likely also preparing for a job change as well. Taking your family across the country or even a few miles away can mean you have new challenges to face, such as a new commute to work and new schools. Don’t forget about things like how you’ll get around and what size...

Best Strategies for House Hunting in San Antonio

When it comes to house hunting, there are many factors to consider that will affect your family’s daily life. What neighborhood is going to be close to the school district you prefer? Is the neighborhood walkable or built for driving to the city’s amenities you need? How many bedrooms will your family need and what home amenities are most important?

There are so many factors to consider in your house hunt in San Antonio that you may have forgotten some of the most important considerations. From getting your mortgage pre-approval to thinking about how the weather will affect you, here is a look at the best strategies for your house hunt.

Home inspections...

How to Buy a San Antonio Home When Selling Your Current Home

It’s always an interesting balance when you are trying to sell your home while moving into a new one. You need to get rid of your current home and you’re ready to move into the next home, but how do you do it all at once? Most people want to know if they need to sell their current home before they can afford buying something or if you can do it all at once.

Clearly you would need the profits from your home sale to help with the new home, but that doesn’t mean you have to sell first and buy second. Many people end up doing the purchase and sale all at once which can be a bit of a challenge but still manageable. Take a look at how to go about ...

What Photographers Wish You'd do Before Listing Your Home

Have you ever considered how important your home’s photographs are when it comes to your listing? Your photos are everything. People can read about a great house all day, but they won’t believe it without excellent pictures showcasing a picture-perfect home that is clean, fresh, and neutral.

They want to envision their life in your home, from the beautiful kitchen that they’ll be able to entertain in to the master bathroom that will make their morning routine a dream. It’s important that you are showing off your home in the best light possible, from the exterior to the interior. You need to have great lighting, clean those windows, and remove the extra clutter or personal belongings.

There are many tricks...

Do San Antonio Buyers Judge Your House by the Curb

When it comes to selling your house, you want to make sure the interior is perfect for showings. You take all of the necessary steps to clean up, put away personal belongings, and even throw up fresh coats of paint, but did you know that your potentially buyers are also noticing your curb appeal?

Your interior is a top priority and is important to focus on, but it turns out that your buyer’s are judging your home’s curb appeal which means that you can’t neglect it in the hopes that they will be so focused on the interior.

You may not have found out until you listed your home, had showings, and then still couldn’t...

What's Reasonable During a Real Estate Negotiation

It’s wise to be aware of how real estate negotiations are supposed to take place so that you can know what to expect. In addition, you need to understand what is reasonable during a real estate negotiation in order to be aware of what’s inappropriate or unusual.

A real estate negotiation is in general a discussion to solve an issue between two sides, where both sides will get the opportunity to discuss their goals and use any leverage to obtain their goals. These can work as win-win or in some cases, win-lose, but if you focus on what is reasonable, take the time to understand the desires of the other side, and clearly state what you want, you’re more...

What to Expect from San Antonio Neighborhoods

When you’re preparing to move into a San Antonio neighborhood, you may have some curiosity about what life may be like here. Do people keep to themselves or do you find people outdoors often? Is it a great place to raise a family or is it going to be more focused on young professionals and the elderly? Will there be places to spend time at night or do people stay in for movie night more often?

Some people prefer peace and quiet while others want interaction and social opportunities. Whatever the case, you may be wondering what to expect when you live in a San Antonio neighborhood. Take a look at this closer look about San Antonio neighborhoods so that you can get an idea of what to expect...

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