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What to Look For Before Buying Your Dream Austin Home


You're ready to find your dream home in Austin, but you're a bit worried. It's a big deal and even if you've purchased a home in the past, finding your dream home takes it to a whole new level.

When it's time to start shopping for a home, it can quickly become overwhelming. You'll get opinions from everybody you know and it can be hard to sift through everybody's advice to find what you really want. Here are a few things to consider when buying your dream Austin home.

Why are You Buying a Home in Austin?

Before you go any further, you need to consider why you want to buy a home in Austin. Whether you've lived in Austin all your life or you're relocating to the area, it's important to really think about this question as buying...

How to Meet New People After Relocating to San Antonio

You've made the leap and you've packed all your things to relocate to San Antonio. After the big move, you may be wondering how you will meet new people in San Antonio.

When you move to a new city, there are plenty of great ways to meet new people. Here are a few tips to help you meet new people after relocating to San Antonio.

Join the Club

There are several clubs found all throughout San Antonio you can join to meet new people. Whether you want to be a part of a sports team in a league or you want to join a different type of club, this is a great way to meet new people. The best part, you can choose a club doing something you love and meet others that enjoy doing it, too....

Is Buying Actually Cheaper than Renting in Austin, TX?

Deciding to become a homeowner isn't a small decision. However, when you compare renting to buying in Austin and you find out it's cheaper to buy; it may be an easier decision than you thought.

Trulia puts out a Rent vs. Buy Report regularly and it compared the cost of renting compared to the cost of buying a home in the largest metro areas in the country. The latest report shows that owning a home in Austin is about 23.5% cheaper than renting.

Currently, Austin isn't alone on this report. It showed only two major metro areas in the United States to be cheaper to rent than buy; San Francisco and San Jose, CA. This is due to the median home prices in both cities rising more than $1 million for this year. It also marks the first time this has...

Austin's Best Neighborhoods for a $700K Budget

If you’re working with a budget of $700k for your home search in Austin, you are going to find some really wonderful neighborhoods that will be hard to choose from. This is a great price point to get a large, modern, and beautiful home in a great area of town for your family. You will be able to look in neighborhoods like Barton Hills, Steiner Ranch, and Mueller. Take a look at these and other best neighborhoods to consider in your upcoming move to Austin.


For those that love easy access to Downtown Austin, Mueller is the closest community that you’ll find in the $700k price range. It’s the perfect East Austin location being built on the former...

Top 5 Reasons to Love Boerne, TX

When it comes to living in or near San Antonio, it doesn't get much better than Boerne. While many neighborhoods in San Antonio are amazing and an excellent place to call home, Boerne is a place you may just fall in love with.

Home buyers seeking a quiet place to call home will love Boerne. For many living in San Antonio, Boerne has already become a weekend escape, but why not just call it home? Here are five great reasons to call Boerne, TX home.

Incredible Main Street

When you arrive in the downtown area on Main Street, you will believe you've been transported into...

What Should You Keep When You Buy a Home?

When you buy a home, it can become overwhelming with all the paperwork new appliances and other things going on. There's quite a bit to think about and you need to know what to keep and what you can let go. Here's a look at some of the things you should keep when you buy a home.

User Manuals

For now, you should all user manuals for appliances or anything else in the house. The previous owners may have provided user manuals for the security system, the kitchen appliances and anything else they have. If you're buying a new home, you'll likely have a manual for every single electronic device in the home and you should keep them all.

The manuals provide useful information and the contact details for the manufacturer. However, you don't need...

How to Know if the Schools are Good

Is your top priority for your new home to have something in the location of a great school? This is the priority of many families in San Antonio that want the best for their children while choosing their dream home in the area. You can have it all: the home of your dreams near the perfect school for your kids.

You just need to know if the schools are actually the good ones. Take a look at this guide to help you learn what to look for in schools before you move to an otherwise great part of town.

What is your first impression of the school?

Once you’ve located an area you are interested in and the schools you could see your children at, it’s time to visit and get more information. What is your first impression of the school? You’ll...

What to Know About Buying a Home with Foundation Issues

When you move to Central Texas, it’s not uncommon to come across homes that in your search for your next home that has foundation issues. Since the clay soil here can contract or expand throughout the year depending on the current moisture levels, it places stress on the foundation that will make it settle.

If you find some cosmetic cracks that don’t affect the home’s solid structure, then this isn’t something to worry about but beware of major cracking in door jams or windows. Take a look at this guide to decide if buying a home with foundation issues is smart and how to determine if it’s just minor cosmetic cracking.

Hire a foundation contractor

The first place to start with a home you want...

Top Questions Condo Buyers Need to Ask

Are you considering condo living in Austin? Owing a condo is a wonderful way to become a homeowner without the added responsibilities that come with a single family home. It does mean that the buying process may be a little more complicated, but knowing what to ask about in advance will make the process much simpler.

You’ll need to find out about things involving the mandatory Homeowner’s Association that comes with condo ownership. While buying a home doesn’t always happen in a neighborhood with an HOA, condominiums have one that takes care of things like building maintenance and water services. Take a look at what you should ask about if you are considering...

What to Know When Waiting to Close

When you’re buying a home this year in San Antonio, it’s important to be aware of a few things that can happen during the period between having your offer accepted and waiting to close. For starters, the mortgage process will still be going on and your mortgage rate could actually expire.

Also, even though you feel the house is yours now, it really isn’t until closing day. During that waiting process when your offer has been accepted by the sellers but the closing day hasn’t arrived, these are a few of the things to be aware of during when you’re waiting to close.

The closing day is very streamlined

While you may be anticipating a stressful closing day full of questions and things to remember to do, it’s actually a very streamlined...

Rising Interest Rates Could Affect Your Purchasing Power in Central Texas

The 30-year fixed rate on a mortgage has risen about a half percent in the last six to eight months. But, how could these rising interest rates affect you as a property owner or property buyer looking to in Central Texas?

As the potential buyer, if you have stagnant prices and rising interest rates, the $300,000 home you are considering now has a mortgage payment of $80 to $90 more per month to pay. As the seller, meanwhile, it limits the number of buyers that potentially can afford your home because of the increased monthly payment.

Taking appreciation rates into account, they have varied over the last eight years. They were sometimes as high as 10% to 15% year over year. And, they have been at 0% to 5% year over year depending on where you are talking about.


Guide to Relocating to Austin, Texas

Before your upcoming move to Austin, you should get a feel for what the city is going to offer and what daily life is going to look like here. You’ve chosen an amazing location to relocate to and you’ll love how it offers a little bit of everything, from its beautiful outdoor oasis to its endless entertainment.

Moving to any new city can be overwhelming, but preparing ahead of time will make it feel like a seamless transition. Take a look at what you can expect for your relocation to Austin and how to prepare yourself ahead of time.

What to expect in Austin

Life in Austin will come with hot weather, a lot of people, a variety...

Which Austin Neighborhoods Near Downtown Offer Homes for Under $400K?

If your home buying budget is capped at around $400K, you need to know where you can look for a home in Austin. Maybe you want to be close to downtown, so the suburbs really aren't a true option, unless they are close enough.

There are some great options for homes selling under $400K in Austin. Here's a look at some of the best neighborhoods near downtown with homes under $400K.


Just 3.1 miles from downtown Austin, you could almost walk downtown from Dawson. While the average home price in this neighborhood comes in at $533K, there were 16 homes selling for under $410K recently. In Dawson, your budget will, on average, allow you to buy a home with:


Key Real Estate Term: Private Mortgage Insurance

When you go through the process of buying a home, you will learn many new terms that may confuse you. Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI, is one of those terms. This is a term that has to do with your mortgage and will often get thrown around during the home buying process.

Defining Private Mortgage Insurance

PMI is known as an insurance policy that protects your lender if you cannot pay your mortgage payment. You pay this insurance monthly as a part of your mortgage payment and it's required if you take out a conforming, conventional loan with a down payment of less than 20% of the sales price.

Basically, PMI protect the company lending you the money to buy your home in the event you default on the loan. It does not protect you, but it is required...

Top Austin Neighborhoods for Modern Farmhouses

If you love the modern farmhouse style, you're not alone. HGTV has made it popular with plenty of home renovation and real estate shows putting elements of this style on display.

Austin is home to plenty of modern farmhouses. This style has come up quite a bit in new construction, but has also been found on the market in certain neighborhoods. If you're searching for a home with the modern farmhouse style in Austin, here are some of the top neighborhoods to check out.

Sunridge Park

Found about 12 minutes from downtown Austin, you will find a few modern farmhouses for sale in Sunridge Park. The neighborhood is served by the Del Valle ISD. The average home here tops 2,000 square feet and sells for about $450K.


How to Create your Needs & Wants List When Home Shopping

When you're ready to start shopping for a home, one of the most important things you can do is create a needs and wants list. This list will be the guide you will use to eliminate homes that don't fit and consider homes that do fit.

Home searching in San Antonio can be a long process, especially with how competitive the market is right now. However, if you have a solid needs and wants list, the process will become a bit easier.

A solid list of the things you need in a home and the things you want helps to narrow the home search. When you can narrow the search, you'll only be looking and competing for the homes that fit your specific needs and wants the best. Here are a few tips to help you create...

Most Affordable Neighborhoods with Great Schools in Austin

If you prefer a neighborhood in Austin near some great schools, you are going to have many great options to choose from. Austin is known for its great schools and many neighborhood options for access to them. When you want to combine this with affordability, you’ll want to look at the options in Northwest and Southwest Austin such as Olympic Heights West or Sendera. Take a look at your affordable neighborhood options that allow you to send the kids to a great school.

Avery Ranch in the Leader ISD

Located in Northwest Austin, Avery Ranch is a great option for those looking for a option in the Leander ISD and Round Rock ISD. It’s a huge, master-planned community with affordable average home prices around $342k.

The kids can attend Rutledge Elementary, Artie...

Top Home Buying Deal Killers

When you’ve found your dream home and you’re ready to give everything to call it your own, it’s time to slow down and be cautious of things that could kill the deal. By being aware of these things, you’ll keep your expectations at a realistic place and save the celebrating for closing day.

It’s great to fall in love with a home and work hard to make it yours, but it’s equally as important to stay realistic about things that do happen, such as a home inspection problem or altering your mortgage preapproval. Take a closer look at the top home buying deal killers to be aware of.

Altering the mortgage preapproval

One area that you can control is your mortgage preapproval’s consistency. Many people don’t realize that just because they were ...

3 Reasons to Hire a Realtor When Buying a New or Resale Home

How can working with a Realtor help you buy a new construction home or resale property?

As we head into spring, more and more people start to think about buying a new home in 2018. One of the main decisions buyers have to make is whether to buy a new construction property or a resale home.

If you do decide to purchase a new home, you should still hire a Realtor. A Realtor could save you a ton of time and money no matter what kind of home you decide to buy, and there are three main reasons why:

  1. Searches: Nowadays, a lot of buyers can search for homes on sites like or Trulia. However, there are certain nuances to the searches that we Realtors can set up for you in the MLS to save you some time and find more specific results to get you to your goal a whole lot quicker

  2. ...

Top 4 Things to Expect When Buying a Home in Austin, TX

While it's easy to scour the internet for articles on what to expect when buying a home, the advice will be generic. It may be the same things to expect if you're buying in Florida compared to Arizona, but when it comes to Austin, Texas, things are rather different.

If you're planning to buy a home in 2018, you should have a good idea of what to expect in Austin. Here's a look at the top five things every home buyer should expect when searching for a home in Austin.

Prices are Only Going Up

Austin is what is referred to as a boom market. It's one of the few in the United States right now showing stead gains month over month for the past couple of years. There are several reasons for the...

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