Design Ideas

Get Ready to Sell Your Home This Fall

If you are planning to sell your home this Fall and don’t know where to start, Culhane Premier Properties has you covered!

Our agents are trained to walk you through the process step by step. Remember, the goal is to try and look at your house through the buyer’s eyes as though you’ve never seen it. How we live in a home and how we sell a home are often two different things. Try to see your home with a fresh perspective and arrange each room to bring out its best attributes!

Here are a few tips to help you get started: 

  • Keep windows and floors clean.
  • Replace faded wallpaper and glue any areas that have come away from the wall.
  • Repair worn woodwork.
  • Repaint scarred or dirty walls in a neutral color.
  • Steam clean carpeting or replace it if necessary.
  • Repair loose knobs, sticking...

Fall 2022 Interior Design Trends

The changing of the seasons presents a great opportunity to update design trends in your home. With cooler months and the holidays ahead, now is the time to bring down the Fall décor and get to work! Whether you are looking to add new items to your display or wanting to completely reinvent your space, this list of design trends and top Austin interior designers is a great place to start.


Here are 5 interior design trends for Fall 2022:

1-    Bold ‘70s colors: Trending since Fall of last year, the ‘70s earthy-color palette is trending with colors including hunter green and mustard yellow mixed...

Dos & Don'ts for Decorating Your Patio This Summer

It’s the time of year for cookouts and cocktails!. Sara Malek Barney, owner of Bandd Design, shares do’s and don’ts that can help create your ideal patio! 

Do: Get creative.

Get creative this summer! Pinterest is full of fun and easy ideas to spruce up your home and have fun with your family!

Don't: Neglect color.

A pop of color can bring the whole patio together! Consider bright and fun outdoor cushions for the summertime!

Do: Buy durable furniture. 

"Plastic, wood, and wicker patio pieces aren’t built to last Texas summers", Barney says. “I tend to skew more toward items that are made of metal or aluminum or concrete because those just...

7 Elements of Design

Most homeowners desire their space to be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Create unique interiors throughout your home that satisfy the senses and fulfill all potential roles by leveraging the 7 elements of design: Space, line, form, light, color, texture and pattern. 

Balance is essential when applying these elements to your space! Here are a few tips to get started: 

  1. Space - Use appropriate balance of negative and and positive space, which is the distance between and around furniture and objects to make your space feel thoughtfully laid out. Play around with adding and removing items until you get your desired look.
  2. Line - Both structural features and room furnishes offer a mix of horizontal and dynamic lines that influence focal points and overall feel of...

2022 Interior Trends

Curious about what the newest 2022 design trends are? We've got you covered!

  • Color Psychology: yellow is the most optimistic hue, with orange and violet close behind. Red and black are generally a no-no for residential interiors, but green and blue can work if you want a more serene, thoughtful mood. For neutral spaces such as floors, walls and ceilings, be wary of brilliant white, which can be sterile; instead favor off-white, ivory or dove grey.
  • Add Optimistic Flourishes with upbeat art, bold photography, statues, books or even inspirational quotes in 3D or 2D text by your favorite author, leader or singer
  • Maximize natural light by removing anything that blocks light and...