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Everything You Need to Know About Apple's New Austin Campus

Have you heard about the new Apple campus coming to Austin? This is big news for Williamson County as Apple made the announcement recently. This will mean more jobs and industry for Austin and specifically to the County of Williamson. This county was carefully chosen and will lead to tech jobs, tax breaks, and more. Take a look at everything you need to know about the new Apple Campus coming to Austin.

Why Williamson County?

Apple has been scoping out potential options for a new campus and they were searching privately nationwide while others may have been hearing about the public search that Amazon was doing for their campus.

Due to the high-quality schools in Williamson County which include the Round Rock ISD and the Leander ISD, this seemed like the perfect choice for Apple. In addition, Williamson agreed to some...

Austin Receives Many Accolades: Part 2

Austin ranks very well when stacked up against other cities in many categories. Part one of this two-part blog series offers a look at how Austin ranks for fun, food, and college. Here's a look at even more of the accolades Austin has received.

One of the Safest Metro Cities in America

A study from SafeWise put Austin in the 8th place for the Safest Metro Cities in America. This study looked at many of the crime statistics across the country and compared several cities with metro areas.

Austin fell below the nation's average when it came to violent crime and it's very low compared to the average for Texas. Property crime was also lower than the national average.

Best City to Live in America


Austin Receives Many Accolades: Part 1

Relocating to Austin means you'll be living in one of the top cities in America. The city offers plenty of things to get excited about and it has received many accolades. Here's part one of the Austin Receives Many Accolades two-part blog series.

Best College Town & City

Austin was named the Best College Town & City in American by WalletHub. The study they did used three specific factors:

  • Social Environment
  • Academic & Economic Opportunity
  • Wallet Friendliness

With so many free activities to do throughout the year, Austin scored big points when it comes...

Top Southwest Austin Neighborhoods for Low Tax Rates & Great Schools


Getting into an Austin neighborhood that is near great schools may be on the top of your list of priorities, but one that also comes with low tax rates would really sweeten the deal. Fortunately, there are several neighborhood options specific to the southwest part of town that features both low tax rates and great schools.

These neighborhoods tend to feature master-planned communities, fairly new construction, and that proximity to downtown that makes sense to live here while working downtown. Take a look at some of the best options in southwest Austin for low tax rates and great schools.

Circle C

Start your search by checking out ...

Austin Tops the Ranking as the Top Place to Live in the U.S. Again

Austin, Texas takes the top spot on the U.S. News and World Reports 2018 Edition of the 100 Best Places to Live in the U.S.A. This is the second year in a row Austin has taken the top spot after taking over Denver last year.

This year, the city edges out Colorado Spring with a score of 7.7. Colorado Springs had a score of 7.6. However, the overall score for Austin did drop from 7.8 to 7.7 this year, but that was still high enough to take the top spot.

How the Rankings Were Figured Out

The rankings were based on a number of factors...

Which Neighborhoods are the Hottest in Austin Right Now?

Plenty of new residents have move into the Austin, Texas area due to the incredible music scene, great restaurants, growing art scene and the thriving economy. The city is growing and the neighborhoods keep growing and changing, as well. There are several great places to call home in Austin. Here's a look at the hottest neighborhoods found within the city right now.

West Lake Hills

Found within rolling hills and surrounded by nature, West Lake Hills maybe small, but it's a hot area to call home. The location is very central and offers an easy commute to most of the best the city has to offer. Downtown is only 10 minutes away and plenty...

Austin's Most Walkable Neighborhood Choices

If you're shopping for a home in Austin and you prefer a walkable neighborhood, it's important to know where to look. Several great neighborhoods throughout the city offer a high walk score and plenty of attractions close by.

Maybe you're moving from a large city to Austin or you're sick of living in the suburbs. Whether you prefer a home or a condo, you can find plenty of great urban neighborhoods to choose from throughout Austin, Texas. Here's a quick look at a few of the most walkable neighborhood options in Austin.

Bouldin Creek

Located between South Congress and South 1st, Bouldin Creek...

Austin, TX Named Best Tech City on the Planet by Savills

You may have thought San Francisco’s Silicon Valley would take the cake for being most techy in the country or even the world, but believe it or not, Austin has just passed all other locations in the world for being the best tech city.

Not only does Austin have established tech companies running things here including Dell and IBM, but the start-up scene is alive and well thanks to great real estate prices, low taxes, and the strong entrepreneurial spirit among residents. Take a closer look at why Savills named Austin the best tech city on the planet....

Three Austin Area Cities Named to List of Top Places to Raise a Family in Texas

While Austin has always been a great place to raise your family between the great schools, the outdoor recreation, and the wonderful people, there are some cities right in our area that take thee cake for the best in family living. If you’re looking for the perfect family-friendly location, you don’t have to sacrifice Austin living to get it.

You can still enjoy the perks of what makes Austin great while taking advantage of the family fun that is found in these top cities. Take a look at the three Austin area cities named for being a top place to raise a family in the whole state of Texas.


Austin Named as Best Place to Live in 2017

Austin, Texas has received many awards over the past decade. If you're considering relocating to the city, you may have come across some of these including the Best City to Buy a Home, America's Next Boom Town or the award for Top City to Start Over.

All of these awards are great, but they are not the only ones the city has won recently. In fact, U.S. News & World Report recently decided Austin, Texas was the Best Place to Live...

Three Cool Accolades Austin, Texas Received in 2016

Austin, Texas has become known as one of the top places for many things, such as tech, real estate and more. It has won many awards over the past few years and 2016 was no different. Here's a quick look at three of the new accolades Austin received last year.

Top Place to Invest in Real Estate

A report prepared by the Urban Land Institute and PwC looked at the opinions and ranking of 1,500 professionals throughout the real estate industry. This report is one of the most read by those in the real estate industry and it ranked Austin as the top market for 2017.

Austin was ranked at the top of this list for the first time...

Big Changes Coming for Downtown Austin Red Line Train Station

One of the things that Austin really does right, compared to most big cities, is that they’ve really perfected the art of great public transportation. Not only is it easy to get around town the way things currently are, but Austin is planning on bringing in a new downtown train station to move even more people around the city.

The straightforward design will offer a practical and straightforward train station for your daily commute accommodating more people than ever. This exciting new version of the current “Red Line” is going to get the makeover it needs to provide more transportation for the busy city of Austin. Take a look at the big changes...

What does the Future Hold for the Austin Transit, Economy and Population?

With Austin’s economy and population growing at a rapid pace with no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it makes residents wonder what to expect on the fact that traffic, parking, and the affordability of the city are going to be in trouble. These issues are already a struggle and with the growing population, it means that affordability will decrease, and the transit issues increase.

It’s important for the city to take a look at things now to determine what the future has in store and how to best prepare for it, especially when it comes to issues of transit, economy, and population for Austin. While everyone looks at Austin as a booming city, it certainly has serious challenges as these...

Which Emerging Trends Affect Austin Real Estate?

When you’re ready to move to Austin or you’re starting to think about the next house you’ll purchase, you may be wondering what types of changes are going to be happening in the real estate world that may affect your decision and plans. Real estate is always affected about the area trends and Austin has many trends going on being a booming city that grows in popularity and population.

While the area has seen its share of trends over the years, the booming real estate market here will really be affected by some of the hottest trends to come. From the opening of more...

Downtown Austin Getting a New Bowling Alley Soon

Austinites are getting eager to check out the new bowling alley coming to Downtown soon. While bowling may remind you of the nights you spend in your youth killing time with friends or forced family outings, bowling is officially cool again.

Austin residents love it and are constantly being found at Saengerrunde Hall and Highball for years now. This means that it was time to offer something new and a fresh take on the sport which is why Downtown Austin had the idea to officially bring in a new one in the former Miller Blueprint building on Sixth Street. Take a look at what this new bowling...

Which Austin Real Estate Markets will be the Hottest for 2016?

With the New Year arriving, it’s time to look at the best real estate markets to expect in Austin in 2016. Since it’s one of the country’s hottest real estate markets right now, it’s a great time to reflect on what is changing from 2015 to 2016 and the results of the rapid growth that has occurred over the last 5-10 years.

Growth is a great thing and the city is really seeing some majorly popular areas become even harder to get into while less popular areas of the city are getting discovered for the hidden gems they truly are. In addition, it seems like every year a new “it” neighborhood pops up that is all the rage. Take a look at Austin...

Why is Austin Still America's Next Boom Town?

Have you wondered why America is calling Austin the next “boom town?” What does this mean exactly?  Austin is in the news as the country’s new “it” town because it’s become one of the most booming towns to live and invest while showing no signs of slowing down.

Forbes is calling Austin America’s newest “boom town” and locals were hoping the rest of the country wouldn’t figure out how great it is to live here. What makes Austin the...

Adding Bridges in Downtown Austin to Create a Grid System

Did you hear about the bridges coming to downtown Austin? The original layout of Downtown Austin features a street layout where it’s easy to see that the main culture and economic center is featured in the Violet Crown, but in the last 150 years or so, there are many gaps breaking apart the previously connected street layout.

In some cases, nature took its course such as the diversion causing a steep cliff at San Antonio Street and West 7th or the manmade issues like the Austin Convention Center’s permanent dominion over West 2nd, West 3rd,, and Neches. ...

New Co-Working Space coming to Historic Sampson Building in Downtown Austin

If you’ve never heard of a co-working space, you’re about to hear about it now that there’s one coming to Austin. In Downtown Austin, the Historic Sampson Building will be acquiring a new co-working space and it appears to be inspiring some competition.

The flexible work space solution will be available to entrepreneurs, students, those that work from home, and more as more and more professionals find themselves working for companies remotely requiring them to find a place to get their work done.

While many choose...

Southeast Austin Will Soon See a Huge Building Boom

While Austin is a booming city that stands out for its popularity in Texas, the Southeast part of town has always been sort of forgotten and dismissed as undesirable for living. It was always passed through by travelers headed to the airport or for employees of industrial office buildings but many noticed that this area of town was rarely picked by residents.

Now, people are starting to realize that you can’t beat its proximity to downtown and with the city decreasing in affordability, this part of town is truly one of the most affordable leaving residents room in the budget to enjoy the city more. In fact, a huge building boom is going to be taking place in the area and it’s...

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