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Where to Take your Kids to See Christmas Lights in Austin

If you love to take a drive through the city and discover incredible displays of Christmas Lights, you need to know where to go. Austin offers a number of neighborhoods known for holding contests and creating incredible displays of lights during the holidays. Of course, Zilker Park's Trail of Lights should be on your list, but it's not the only option.

Here are a few of the top spots to go if you want to WOW your children this year with amazing displays of holiday spirit.

Downtown Georgetown

If you want to enjoy great lights in the northern area of Austin, ...

Getting the Most out of an Open House Visit

When you’re preparing for open house season in San Antonio, you may be looking forward to see beautiful neighborhoods and nicely staged properties. What you may not be thinking about is how to maximize the open house experience.

While being pleased aesthetically is the hope for your open house visits, you need to make sure you’ve learned about the nitty gritty, such as what your commute may be like living here, where the kids will go to school, and how close the grocery store will be.

You’ll also want to know how much information you’ll have to give to the agent, how much competition there is, and if you’re going to have to make appointments...

Austin's Best Neighborhoods for a $300K Budget

Are you working with a $300k budget for your next home in Austin? You surely won’t be limited with $300,000, but you still may be unsure of where to look for your price range. You’ll have great options all around the city, whether you’re looking for something more North, more South, or something close to downtown. Take a look at the top choices that you should check out in your price range.

Knollwood on the Colorado

For an option that will allow you to live close to Downtown Austin, check out Knollwood on the Colorado. It’s in East Austin right on the Colorado River, making it perfect for the outdoorsy family. The kids can attend Oretga Elementary school,...

Get a Sneak Preview of Our New “Coming Soon” Listing

Our “coming soon” listing at 301 Meadow Creek Drive in Pflugerville is a home you don’t want to miss out on.

Nestled inside a cul-de-sac with easy access to Highway 130, Highway 45, and Interstate 35, 301 Meadow Creek Drive sits on 1.38 acres of land and spans just over 5,000 square feet. It has many unique and spacious features, including a metal roof, four bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and 2.5-car garage with long driveway, and a secluded backyard with plenty of mature trees.


Upcoming Austin Events for December 2017

Your favorite time of year is coming up. That’s right; it’s time for holiday celebrations in Austin. You’ve just put your costume away from your Halloween party and you’re about to thaw out the turkey, but before you enjoy Thanksgiving, make sure you are ready for the fun that is coming up for the holiday season.

The Chuy’s Christmas Parade on November 18th is the perfect way to kick off the season, as well as the Turkey Trot to keep you in shape even with all of the food you’re going to eat on the 23rd. Take a look at what happens right after your favorite food holiday in Austin.

ZACH Theatre’s “A Christmas Carol”

One event that you can go to now and all through December is the performance of “A Christmas Carol” by the ...

Top Patio Dining With Kids in San Antonio

One of the best ways to dine in San Antonio is definitely to sit at a favorite patio in town.  For some, this favorite pastime came to an end when their family expanded and kids came into the picture. Not only do kids have different dining needs between high chairs and special menus, but they can sometimes get loud at restaurants disturbing other diners.

The good news is that San Antonio has solved that problem by making some kid-friendly patio options so that you can still enjoy the outdoor dining experience and yet the restaurant is catering to the kids more than anything. Between special outdoor play experiences to kid-friendly menu items, take a look at the top patio dining with kids in San Antonio and what you can...

Austin, TX Named Best Tech City on the Planet by Savills

You may have thought San Francisco’s Silicon Valley would take the cake for being most techy in the country or even the world, but believe it or not, Austin has just passed all other locations in the world for being the best tech city.

Not only does Austin have established tech companies running things here including Dell and IBM, but the start-up scene is alive and well thanks to great real estate prices, low taxes, and the strong entrepreneurial spirit among residents. Take a closer look at why Savills named Austin the best tech city on the planet.


Which Austin Neighborhoods are the Trendiest for 2017?

As the year is coming to an end, now is the time to look at what neighborhoods have been really shining in Austin lately. This will not only tell you where people were looking for 2017, but it will give you some ideas of what is hot in 2018 or may sway you to look where no one else is.

The reason people are obsessing over these trendy Austin neighborhoods is because they offer everything from eclectic housing, a great location to everything great about Austin, walkability, and access to top amenities like top schools and ...

Top Kid-Friendly Parks in San Antonio

If you’re new to the San Antonio area, you may be wondering where everyone takes their kids for a day in the park. There are several excellent park options in the area for some family fun whether you’re looking for some fresh air, exercise, or a change of scenery for a picnic lunch.

No matter where you live in town, you won’t be far from a kid-friendly park since they are well-scattered throughout San Antonio. Take a look at some of the top picks for kid-friendly parks and what you can expect to find there.

Brackenridge Park – 3910 N St Mary’s Street

Check out the Brackenridge...

Austin's Best Neighborhoods for Fitness

Are you ready to get in shape and want to make it as simple as possible? Just choose one of Austin’s fitness-friendly neighborhoods. You’ll have exercise built in between walkable neighborhoods to neighborhoods that offer fitness centers.

It doesn’t have to be hard to get your exercise on a daily basis; just incorporate it into your daily routine and you don’t have to worry about gym memberships or setting up a home gym. Take a look at the ways Austin stays in shape by choosing the right neighborhoods.

Downtown Austin

One of the most obvious choices for a fitness-friendly neighborhood is to move to downtown Austin. This area in Central Austin...

Which Texas State Parks are Near Austin

Living in Austin has its advantages and one of those is having access to some incredible state parks. There are several excellent parks in the central part of the state offering a beautiful outdoors experience where you can experience stargazing, hiking, and wildlife.

You can reach McKinney Falls State Park within 10 miles or take a drive to one of the parks an hour away that offer even more. Take a look at the state parks near Austin that you’ll love visiting when you live here.

Bastrop State Park

Located between 10-30 miles from your home, ...

10 Top Conveniences to Include in Your Home Search

Are you getting ready to look for a new home in San Antonio? Your top priority might be budget, size of home, and a great neighborhood, but have you thought about what life will be like once you are settled? You may not want to drive a half hour away to get to your favorite Farmer’s Market or find out that the medical office near your home doesn’t accept your insurance.

What will you do for exercise, car repairs, or to get your weekend Chinese take-out? There are things that are obvious with your home search and others that aren’t so much, so use this guide to make sure you’ve considered the 10 top conveniences that need to be looked at during ...

Three Austin Area Cities Named to List of Top Places to Raise a Family in Texas

While Austin has always been a great place to raise your family between the great schools, the outdoor recreation, and the wonderful people, there are some cities right in our area that take thee cake for the best in family living. If you’re looking for the perfect family-friendly location, you don’t have to sacrifice Austin living to get it.

You can still enjoy the perks of what makes Austin great while taking advantage of the family fun that is found in these top cities. Take a look at the three Austin area cities named for being a top place to raise a family in the whole state of Texas.


The top...

Neighborhood Spotlight: Lost Creek

If you haven’t checked out the Lost Creek neighborhood in your home search in Lake Travis, this is definitely a neighborhood you won’t want to miss. It’s in the beautiful Lake Travis area while being just southwest of Downtown Austin, popular for its community amenities, natural beauty, and access to some of the top schools. Take a look at what you’ll find when you move to Lost Creek Neighborhood.

Where to find it

Lost Creek is located in the area considered West Austin office of Highway 360 and Bee Cave Road. You’ll find it near the popular Barton Creek and ...

Top Urban Austin Neighborhoods With Homes from $800K to $1 Million

Are you shopping for your next home in Austin? If you are working with a great budget up to $1 million, you’ll have plenty of wonderful neighborhoods to choose from in the area. You may find you have more options when it comes to fabulous homes with views of Texas Hill Country, and excellent locations near top attractions like museums and shopping. Take a look at what your budget of $800k to $1 million could get you in Austin.

Travis Heights

One of the most popular neighborhoods in town is Travis Heights, a historic neighborhood in the southern part of town. It’s next to the popular Lady Bird Lake as well as Congress Avenue and is one of the older...

How Much do Sellers and Buyers Pay for Closing Costs

Have you ever wondered just how much closing costs really add up to? Is it the same for the buyer as it is for the seller? This is one of those expenses your friends or your realtor warned you about, but they can’t give you an actual amount without knowing what the details of what you are buying.

What you can count on is the fact that buyers tend to spend more on those line-item expenses while a seller is going to have to cover the commission. Let’s break it down further to discuss what each party can expect to pay at closing.

What the buyer can expect

If you are the buyer in an upcoming transfer of property, you can expect to pay for many of the line-item expenses associated with the close. For example, you would cover the...

Best Places for Indoor Fun in Austin

Do you find yourself dreading a rainy day in Austin? Where will you take the kids when the pool is closed and it’s too rainy for one our beautiful swimming holes? Summer is over and your favorite park concerts are done of the season while the rain is preventing you from enjoying a beautiful walk in nature, a day at the playground, or a picnic by the lake.

The good news is that Austin has provided you with many excellent options for indoor fun that can turn a rainy day into one of the most memorable. Not only is this perfect for a rainy day this fall in Austin, but it’s perfect during the gloomy winter months, when it’s too hot in the summer, or when you need a break from being outside in the sun. Take a look at some...

Features Making San Antonio Homes Luxurious

Are you in the market for a luxury home for your San Antonio purchase? You may be wondering what makes a home luxurious compared to a traditional home that is just beautiful. There are certain features that make a home classified as luxury and they are features you wouldn’t see in a traditional home. If you’re in the market for luxury living in San Antonio, look for these types of features that will give you just that.

Bring the spa to you

One way to tell a house really has that luxury feel is that there are amenities inside that make you feel like you’ve just entered the spa. This is especially present when it comes to the master bathroom, where you’ll find a place to rest and getaway in your own home....

Best Places for Paddle Board Rentals in Austin, TX

One of the best things to do outdoors in Austin is to take advantage of the water with a day of paddle boarding.  This activity is the latest take on kayaking, canoeing, or surfing. Paddle boarding gives you the opportunity to strengthen the muscles of your whole body, enjoy your surroundings at a slower pace, and get the chance to stand up on your watercraft rather than to sit or float along.

You’ll paddle with your arms on this device, and you’ll have the option to kneel or lay on the board when you need a break from standing. Take a look at the best places to rent one of these and you’ll be able to hit the water in Austin in a whole new way.

Congress Avenue Kayaks – 74 Trinity Street, Austin

The first stop should be to ...

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