105 Bella Cima Drive

Mr. Jackson felt he needed a change in REALTOR® after attempting to sell his home on Bella Cima. He contacted us and explained that his current REALTOR® at the time was a friend of the family and had helped them buy the land for their next home. He then listed the home on Bella Cima for almost a year with no real interest or offers. He even suggested trying an “off market” marketing approach in the hopes of garnering some “exclusive” appearance to the property. Unfortunately, none of these approaches were successful for the Jacksons in selling the home.

Culhane Premier Properties took over the listing in April. After 11 days on the market, we received two offers, dove into heavy negotiations with a buyer and got the property under contract after a total of 13 days.

The sale closed in June. The Jacksons were very appreciative of our approach, marketing efforts and success in getting the home sold. The sale allowed them to move on to the next chapter of their lives which had been their goal from the beginning.

13240 Shore Visa Drive

The buyers of this Lake Austin waterfront property were registered on SearchAustinLakeHomes.com, one of our listing interfaces. Because we spend money to be able to access potential buyers, we put priority into seeking out people we could represent in a transaction. We quickly contacted this family after they visited our site and were hired to represent them.

When we came across this property, it was not being publicly marketed. We approached the owners and asked if they would be interested in selling, because it was in a neighborhood that our clients, the buyers, were seeking to move to. The owners were indeed looking to sell!

Our relationship with our buyers was so strong that they trusted us to pro-actively seek out properties that weren’t on the market yet. Our vision to create lifelong relationships as we serve people with their real estate needs is our top priority.  Because we maintained this vision, we have come full circle and are now helping this family sell this home, 5 years after they bought it with us.    We represented the buyer of this lovely property.

4034 Robin's Run

When this family sought to sell their 5 acre property and home, they were told by 2 other agents that the property would sell for $530,000 and $550,000, respectively. Potential appraisal issues would also cause them to drop their price if the problem arose. When we interviewed with them, we acknowledged the appraisal problem but also saw the property selling for $600,000 - $620,000! We assured these sellers that we often see offers come in much higher than the said appraisal value and know how to problem solve to put the them in a position to protect the property’s value. That’s why we were hired!

We began marketing the week before Memorial Day. Six offers came in over the weekend, along with a torrential 15 inches of rain in the area. When it was all said and done, our agent got all the offers above $600,000.

Although there were 5 other offers from other firm’s buyers, we found and represented the winning one. Of course, the appraisal came in at $550,000 - right where the comps showed the value. But comps do not represent current market value - we have made it our mission to know the market and where it was, is and will be to truly understand market value and achieve goals with high level marketing.

2216 N River Hills Road

This property was marketed for almost two full years by what most would consider the top two residential real estate brokers in Austin. After two years of marketing and no luck, the owners hired us in hopes of listing the house competitively. To accomplish this sale on our end, we did quite a bit of research to gather data and current market trends to present to the seller. We worked together to find a price that was reasonable for the value of the home and the market. We also maintained consistent communication to ensure that the seller knew the what and why of our marketing. Because of this, we had the property under contract after just a couple of months! We attribute this “win” to our strong and aggressive marketing push that maintained the integrity of the property while attracting the right market and making the house readily accessible to buyers that were interested!

601 S Angel Light Drive

The Moore family originally purchased this lot and built a 5,510 sq. ft. waterfront home. In 2012 they decided to sell their home, and for several years they hired 3 real estate groups in an attempt to do so. Although there were a small amount of interested buyers during this time, not one of the real estate groups hired was able to assist in producing an offer. Despite feeling close to selling the property, the Moores were discouraged that it had never actually gone through.

We spent many hours with the Moore family explaining our marketing strategy. This included our teamwork philosophy, how buyers find homes, and what we do to find buyers. After explaining that doing all of this raises demand, property value, and ultimately their net from the sale, they were still unsure as it was a strategy that had not been presented to them. We were ready to prove ourselves!

Our team worked for approximately 30 days to prepare, as well as began to market the home as coming back to the market. We went live with showings in the middle of February. As a team of 35, we helped produce 9 showings in 11 days.

With focused demand and excitement around the property, we got two parties to make an offer. Amazingly, one of those parties was a family that had been looking at the home for the past 3 years! With the demand and perception we created, they now perceived the home to be worth more - as other buyers were also interested at the same time. Very important to note, the buyer whose offer was accepted was the new buyer.

3961 Westlake Drive

Jessica had registered on our site, SearchAustinLakeHomes.com, so of course we reached out and we stayed in touch over the course of a year. When she was finally able to make it to Austin we scheduled showings and saw several waterfront homes. After a week or two, Jessica reached back out asking if we would be able to show her 3961 Westlake Drive again (her top pick from our first day of showings), and this time she would have her boyfriend with her. We picked them up from the airport and we drove out to see the home. She mentioned her boyfriend was a little hesitant about the whole idea and that we needed to sell him. The great part is that he is an avid fisherman, and when he was told about the opportunities to fish on Lake Austin, it became a huge selling point!

When Jessica’s boyfriend asked her that day why she decided to hire us to represent them, she told him that we were persistent in reaching out, checked in just the right amount of times, and sent her the right kind of properties. Jessica and her boyfriend were a joy to work with, and let us know that they were thankful and appreciative of our team!    We represented the buyer of this lovely property.

2010 Wright Street

The Kirks actually began as buyers before they decided to also sell their home through us. They were looking to downsize and move closer to work, being frustrated with long commutes and high taxes. Culhane Premier Properties assisted in finding a house in a short period of time and with exceptional contract to close services. After the great experience and relationship created with one of our agents, they decided to list their beautiful, custom built, downtown Austin home with us.

We came to find out that the Kirks had previously listed their home with another agent and were at serious risk of underselling. They had listed their home for $875,000 the previous year, but pulled it off the market when offers didn’t come in. We were confident, after interviewing, that we could list it for over $1 million. The Kirks were also confident in us, having highlighted that they were impressed with our aggressive marketing team and prioritized teamwork to get the job done.

The property went on the market in early June, and in 3 weeks, had 15 showings and went under contract. In the end the home did sell for over a million dollars, and we earned them 14% more than they would have gotten if they had sold their home with the previous REALTOR®!

3706 Sweet Olive

With this transaction, we had the opportunity to represent both the buyer and seller. This ±3,000 square foot home, in The Preserve at Indian Springs subdivision in San Antonio, was previously listed with another real estate agent that lived in the neighborhood. It was assumed by the sellers that the “Neighborhood Specialist” agent could generate the right buyers for their listing, but when no real leads came in for over a year, they decided it was time for a change.

When we interviewed for the job, we knew there was a high amount of competition with similar homes on the market, but were confident we could rise to the occasion. When all was said and done, we sold the home to one of our very own clients!

This success is due to the attention our team gives to buyers, their needs, and at the same time, our listings. Because of the high communication and collaboration between our team members, we are able to help both the buyer and the seller find their match, in their price range, in a shorter amount of time. The house on Sweet Olive is a perfect example of how we prioritize our listings when seeking the best match for our buyers. Because we knew the listing well, we were able to bring it to the attention of the buyer. They knew in less than 5 minutes that it was the one for them!

Because of their great experience with our team, the sellers referred us to one of their family members to help sell their home!

113 Edgewater Cove

The sellers of this gorgeous Lake Travis property were listed for a year and a half before meeting us. Being listed with an international firm, they had seen little activity and were ready for a change. After their listing expired near the end of 2017, they decided that we were the group with the right strategy to get it sold.

Our marketing team got to work and spent one month preparing to get the property listed. We made sure to take care of everything being that the sellers were out of country. The listing went live in the beginning of January.

The sellers were happy to hear that we went under contract in just 22 days after multiple showings! The entire process took less than 60 days from start to finish.

This is a great demonstration of our team doing what we do best- specializing in each role in the process and working together to get the job done. It was said about us from the seller that “instead of the typical one-person agent model where the lister attempts to do all functions, Culhane has dedicated people who specialize in various roles...that way everyone gets really good at what they do vs moderately good at many things”. We were proud to get the opportunity to rise to the occasion and thrilled for our clients that they were able to achieve their goals of selling.

119 Long Bow Cove

This seller came to us as a past client referral, which we were thrilled about! Their property in Bastrop was listed among 11 similar properties in the area in the same price bracket, but the difference was that the others had sat on the market for months. We were up for the challenge. With the teamwork of our marketing and business team, we were able to put the home under contract in 52 days!

We’re proud to attribute this win to our marketing strategies, which includes reaching buyers that our competition doesn’t. By doing this, we are able to create demand and make it possible for not only buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for, but also for the sellers to have a fantastic, expedited experience in getting their property sold.

410 Harmon Hills Cove

Mark and Kathleen came to us after attempting to sell their property with another agent local to their area. After 6 months of no success, they decided to list with us. As we prepared to list, our goal was to get them as much money as a buyer would be willing to spend on a property while maintaining the integrity of the property’s value. We made a point to do the research needed to list the property at the right price for the market, while also aiming to net our clients the most money possible in the end. This time, we increased the price of the property from what it was listed for before. We believed their property was worth more, and also knew our marketing could accomplish the goal of getting it sold in a quick time frame for the right price.

After listing the property and marketing it, we were able to write a contract in just 54 days with NO price drops! In the end, it was sold for a higher price than it was listed at with their previous REALTOR®. Mark and Kathleen were pleased and went on to purchase a new property with us after their sale. We were proud that we saw the process done fast and efficiently!